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Jacob - JKB Web Solutions

Our Principles & Values

Our Vision (what we want to be) is simple …..

To be renowned by small to medium Tasmanian businesses as a trusted telecommunications partner.

Our Mission (our fundamental purpose) is …..

To provide high value telecommunications services which meet the individual needs of small to medium size businesses.

Our Values (the beliefs we share) are that ….

We believe that businesses :-

  • should be able to develop a close relationship with their telco
  • should have the mobile phone numbers of their telco staff
  • should be able to negotiate with their telco
  • should know the face and name of their telco provider
  • should have their needs fully understood by their telco
  • should have business referrals sent to them by their telco
  • should receive an immediate response to any telecommunications downtime
  • should be regularly informed of new technology by their telco
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