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Business Mobile Fleet Management

Consider these seven easy questions about your Business Mobiles:

Question 1: Is your business paying for staff mobile phones?

Question 2: Do you understand what plans you are on and how they work?

Question 3: Are they reviewed regularly to keep up with competitive price changes?

Question 4: Are outdated phones replaced before they are worth nothing?

Question 5: Can you quickly and easily replace a lost or damaged mobile?

Question 6: Are you bills regularly reviewed and analysed to ensure maximum cost efficiency with your selection of plans?

Question 7: Is your network provider giving you the best price for your usage needs?

If you answered NO to any of these questions why not let Launtel manage your mobile fleet and at not cost to you!

These days mobile communication is essential to everyday business. Profit lines are thin and every cost saving is an important one. Launtel finds so many businesses are paying for services they do not need, or are paying plan rates which are years out of date. That’s good for the telephone provider but bad for you. Don’t give away your valuable profit by neglecting your mobile phone costs.

Launtel Mobile Management can manage any size mobile fleet and the substantial time and paperwork that comes with it. Included in our services is management of mobile users, services and hardware, cost analysis, exception and usage reporting and monitoring of personal and business calls so your business can differentiate employees' personal calls, reporting on fixed line voice and data services and monthly reporting on top users by cost, number of services, average cost per service and total charges incurred.

Call Launtel on 1800 528 683 for more information about how Launtel Mobile Management can dramatically reduce your business telephone costs and improve your business efficiency wile also ensuring your business is using the latest mobile phone technology.

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